West dominate South | PHOTOS Souths player with possession before being tackled.
Nanjing Night Net

Souths player in the process of being tackled whilst trying to get possession onto the ball with a kick.

Winders for West Whyalla running down the centre corridor being pursued in a chase by South’s Liam Edgecumbe.

Maitland with possession as he focuses on options.

Westies player down the wing looking for an option.

Wests player going for a long kick uncontestedly.

South looking for an opportunity to score through set play.

Tackling pressure continues as West Whyalla steal possession from South.

South maintaining possession in their defensive midfield.

Westies player going for a short kick.

Souths player ready to earn possession that is hard earned.

Westies player gazes at the ball from the ground as he tries to encounter ownership with a Souths player closing in on him.

Another tough and battling contest is continued between the two sides.

Cleary gains possession from contested play.

Liam Edgecumbe puts on a hard tackle on a Westies player.

Wests winning the hitout from the centre.

Handball from a South’s player is put under pressure by tackler Josh Quinn with Hage alongside him.

Souths player ready to take an uncontested mark.

Wests player taking an easy uncontested mark.

Ruck contest is battled after play is reset resulted from a goal between the two sides.

Souths player taking some courage to collect the ball.

Scoreboard between West Whyalla and South Whyalla late in the third quarter.

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