The Premier’sletter urging thePrime Minister to reversecuts to Gonski funding isa “turning point” for the future of Tasmania’s education system,the Australian Education Union’s Tasmaniapresidentsays.
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AEU state president Helen Richardson said a letter from Will HodgmantoMalcolm Turnbullwas welcomed by the AEU.

She said itshowed Mr Hodgman was willing to stand up for the state’s education future.

“The letter has beena fantasticturning point,” Ms Richardson said.

“We arevery happy that Will Hodgmanisactually standing up for Tasmanian kids.”

In a letter dated on August 2 Mr Hodgman wrote thateducation funding remained a“significant concern” to Tasmanians.

He asked Mr Turnbullthat the issue be“resolved as a matter of priority”.

Ms Richardson saidother states had beenvocal about the issue in parliament.

She said Tasmania needed their support, given alack of senior Tasmanian Liberals in federal parliament.

“It’scritical that all the state Premiers andministers stand up and insist we get Gonski without doing a deal,” Ms Richardson said.

“I’d like to see our minister be as forthcoming as some of the others,” she said.

In April this yearMr Rockliff told a Senate inquiry into federal educationfundingthat the statecould lose up to $100 millionif Gonski is notcontinued beyond 2018.

The federal government committed an additional $1.2 billion dollars for education in this year’sbudget, but it did not include funds to ensure Gonskicontinued to2020.

Ms Richardsonsaid two-thirds of the state’s Gonski funds were allocated for the final two years.

She said the AEU’s Tasmania branchwouldmeet with Mr Rockliff next week todiscuss the issue.

“Hopefully we’ll be givenmore detail about how the government isactually going to lobby for the fundsand what theirstrategy will be.”

“If we don’t get the fundswe’re committing generations ofkids to disadvantage.”

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