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Last weekend the Glen Innes Magpies held a round robin tournament and got some great results.

FEND OFF: Ji Van Her Warden fends off an opponent

The JLTgirls played against Guyra on Saturday and were defeated in a very close game 8-4.The girls worked very hard in defence making Guyra work overtime. The only try scorer for the Magpies was Makaylah Doust with a very good run out wide to sneak around the Guyra defence. Club Points : 3 Chelsea-Rose Kerr, 2 Taya Speedy, 1 Mia Baker & Makaylah Doust Refs Points: 2 Taya Speedy, 1 Makaylah Doust. The Under 8s played two tough matches first against Guyra going down 20-12with Jaydah Kerr goingover the line for two tries and Jock Maxwell one. Their second match wasagainst Armidale. This match the Under 8s played well both in defence andattack scoring five tries (Emory Levy-Blair 2, Toby Frendon 2, RileyLightfoot 1).It wasgreat to see the under 8s playing fairly and as great sports persons and notletting their opponents get the better of them.Under 10’s lostboth theirgames by the same score 20/16 first one to Guyra withjust some little and simple mistakes costing the boys a win then against Armidale.The Under 12’s won 12 – 8 against Guyra and drew 20 all with Armidale.Try scorers against Guyra: Charlie Ralph (2) and Harlon McLaren.The boys fought back after a slow start to draw level with top of the table Armidale. Try scorers: Jack Grob (2), Charlie Ralph, Mitch Duddy and Harlon McLaren.The Under 14’splayed 2 games on Saturday the first against Guyra winning 12-0 and the second against Armidale winning 20-0. Try scorers against Guyra were Corey Kennedy 2, Nick Cave 1. Club Points: 3 Corey Kennedy, 2 Nick Cave, 1 Jason McAlister Refs Points:3 Corey Kennedy, 1 Connor O’Brien. In the second game against Armidale try scorers were Connor O’Brien 2, Corey Kennedy, Nash Doust, Luke Kiehne. Club Points: 3 Connor O’Brien, 2 Nick Cave, 1 Bailey DeJong Refs Points: 3 Roy Duddy, 2 Carter Goard.SLT had a great 8-4 win against the top side Armidale. Try scorers were Krystal Crossley 1 and Sarah Woolfe 1. Best palyers were Satara Speedy, Emilie Hodge, Krystal Crossley and Anna Sharman. The Under 16’s Glen Innes came out firing from the start. In a great defensive effort Glen kept Armidale scoreless winning 4 trys to nill. Points went to Lachlan Chard 3, Alex Fisher 2, and Ji Van Her Warden 1.

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Launceston Tornadoes coach Reece Potter watches on as his team takes on Nunawading in Launceston on Saturday night.Launceston Tornadoes coach Reece Potter concedestheconference system will rob the best two teams from a potential dream SEABLchampionship game.
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Geography has conspired Launceston towardsa tough start to its finals campaign against south conference leaders Kilsyth in Melbourne.

The conference semi-final on Saturday could be one of two occasions the most dominant women’sclubs clash within a fortnight–but it won’t happen in this year’sSEABL decider a week later.

“We’d like the two best teams play each other in the (championship) grand final, but unfortunately it’s just howthe way the system works,” Potter said.

“We’ve always hadconferences.In the end, it’s the hand you’re dealt that year.

“We’ve been dealt a really tough hand against a side, who has been the dominant side of the past few years and with their record this year, even more so.”

The Tornadoes surpassed their best regular season, the 18-4 win/loss record the club’s greatest in its 23rd year.

Kilsyth superseded their south conference rivals on top to record just two losses.

But Dandenong andNunawading –who won 14 of 22 games –are on courseto earn a spot for the east conference in the championship game.

“If you look at the win-loss column at the moment, our conference is certainly the stronger one,” Potter said.

“Kilsyth has been the best team all year;I think they arecertainly the benchmark and we’re not that far off it.

“I think if we can get out of our conference and win our conference, it’ll be a massive achievement and we’re in a spot where we can potentially win the title, but we’re still a long way from that.

“To get out of our conference, we require two wins.”

Confidence can be found from a84-69 Torns’winover Nunawading four days ago.

ButPotter is looking formotivation to the mix with reminders of Kilsyth’s 75-62 win in last year’s conference preliminary final still fresh.

“They’ve only lost two games all year –lucky for us one was against us,” he said.

“That fills us with confidence that we can go there and potentially beat them to gain a home conference.

“Wehave a clear game plan we’reready to do to plan fora conference home final.”

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Organiser Tim Chalker demonstrates his ability with the shears. Chalker is expecting more than 80 competitors at the Cowra Quick Shear.Cowra will host the richest quick shear in NSW on Saturday August, 27 whena mammoth $11,000 prizemoney goesup for grabs at thehighly anticipated event.
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Eighty to 100 shearers are set to compete including more than 10 locals, shearers from interstate, and some stateand world champions.

Learners, Intermediates, Seniors and Open categories will be contested with the main winner’s purse of $2,500 going to the Open victor.

The Cowra Quick Shear is scheduled on the same weekend asthe first ever Wool Harvesting Expo, held in Canowindra from August 25-28.

Local shearer Tim Chalker is the chief organiser of the Cowra Quick Shear, and says spectators will see a high calibre of shearers on display.

“It coincides with the Expo in Canowindra. Shearers selected for NSW are having a meeting in Canowindra the next morning so they areall going to be here, including state champion Daniel McIntyre,”Tim Chalker said.

“It’s becoming a busy time for shearers it should spark some interest.”

Competitors won’t only be judged on the speed they knock wool off a sheep, they also need to be wary of the quality of the shear.

Each category will stage heats before respective finals–two red lights means you’re disqualified, with officials closely watching.

Chalker encouraged the community to come and have a look, and he thanked the countless local businesses that have jumped on board and sponsored the event.

Tim Chalker and Kyle Smith are a part of a local team from Cowra that will compete at the Aussie Hotel for the Cowra Quick Shear.

The shearing is set to begin 5.30pm.

Nominations are capped andopen until August 24.

First to 4thplacegetters receive prizes.

Calcutta for the main shear with funds going to Cowra Special Needs Services.

Meanwhile organisers ofthe Canowindra Wool Expo arealso in deeppreparations.

Local shearer Mike Pora said in an interview with the Cowra Guardian last month that it’s a great achievement for the local area to host the event at Canowindra.

“It’s a world first,all the major manufacturers will display gear at the one timeinthe one place,” Pora said.

“People from around Australia are talking about coming to Canowindra for a couple of days. Representatives, manufacturers, importers can all come together for the first time and talk about products.”

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OFF THE HOOK: Kirra Jade Young has had a conviction for drug driving set aside and been placed on a good behaviour bond. A STUDENT who took ecstasy at a dance festival and was caught drug driving the following day has successfully appealed her conviction.
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Williamstown woman Kirra Jade Young, 19, travelled to Strawberry Fields near Tocumwal last November.

The festival is regularly targeted by police from both sides of the border with sniffer dogs, roadside drug tests and car searches.

Young took ecstasy about 11am on November 21.

She took a drug test using a kit by Blow Me First the following day, which showed there were no drugs in her saliva.

As a result, the teenager became the designated driver for her group.

Police drugtested Young a short distance from the festival site as she drove to Greenways Holiday Units in Cobram Street about 3pm.

She tested positive for methamphetamine and admitted she had taken ecstasy.

Young was convicted in a local court in May and given a three-month driving disqualification, with conviction, which she appealed in Albury District Court on Monday.

The student told the court she wanted to move to the Polynesian island of Wallis once she had finished her studies to teach English.

To do that, she needs a visa, which she would struggle to get with the criminal record.

Young reconnected with her father on Wallis island about a decade ago and has family members she once never knew about who live there.

She also plans to be a primary school teacher in Victoriaand would have to passa criminal record check.

Young told the court she had believed there was a chance the drugs could have still been in her system.

She said she regretted her actions and realised what an impact they could have on her future.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise (for) my decisions that have led me here,” she said.

Young has undergone several drug tests since the incident and would undertake a drug driving course if she was eligible.

Judge Clive Jeffreys saidshe had otherwisebeen of good character.

He noted she had undergone the Blow Me First test, which showed no drugs in her system, before choosing to drive.

Mr Jeffreys set aside the original penalty and placed Young on a 12-month good behaviourbond without conviction.

She must not lose three or more demerit points from her licence as part of the bond.

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A big thanksMany thanks to Dr Lewis, Dr Rutherford, Base hospital, Tamwell, Home Care nurses –after recent surgery.
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Allan Newling


From a concerned young resident I am writing as a concerned residentabout the state of the city of Tamworth’s air pollution and how this quickly growing city can maintain healthy air.

Everyone knows the air we breath affects our health, wellbeing and our life expectancy.

Good air quality is critical for supporting our environment and maintaining our way of life.

The air pollution in our greatcity of Tamworth is deteriorating through the growing use of motor vehicles, household lawn mowers, wood fire barbecues and wood fire heaters.

Air pollution causes health, environmental and economic problems throughout the world and Tamworth is not immune form this growing world-wide issue.

Tamworth is a city with unlimited opportunities for development, a growing population and a large number of industrial businesses operations.

It is therefore crucial that our local council address this as an urgent and immediate issue.

Firstly, motor vehicle emissions. In a 2006 Melbourne study, vehicle emissions contributed; 72 per cent of CO-2 emissions, 70 per cent of nitrogen oxides and 28 per cent of volatile organic compounds emissions.

Chemicals in vehicle exhausts cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and harm asthmatics.

Solutions may include minimum standards for clean vehicles ensuring that all vehicles run cleanly, are serviced regularly and tyres inflated properly –reducing exhaust emissions, increasing fuel efficiency and saving money.

Secondly, households release harmful airborne pollutants with lawn mowers the major felon.

Poorly serviced and over revved mowers spew toxins all over Tamworth’s Sunday brunches.

Again regular servicing goes a long way to solve this issue.

Thirdly, wood fires and the Aussie BBQ.

As a community let’s all make move tonatural gas and LPG gas heating and reverse cycle air conditioners as a more efficient ad cost effective alternative producing less smoke and emission less greenhouse gas per unit of heat.

If you must use your wood for your heating needs then ensure wood is stacked, dry, ventilated, seasoned and untreated.

Never burn treated or painted timbers or household rubbish.

Start fires with kindling or firelighters.

Wood heaters need to display compliance with Australian Standard for pollution emissions.

Finally recycle, compost, and plantmore trees ad shrubs to absorb and filter air pollutants.Remember think global, act local.

Charlie Shadwell


Council politicsThe Candidate Information Sheets for all candidates in the forthcoming local government elections are available athttp://candidates.elections.nsw.gov419论坛/

In Section 1 (which is compulsory) candidates are required to state their “Membership of any registered political party and the name of that party”.

In Section 2 (which is optional) candidates may state if they have been nominated by any registered political party.

Of course other information is included on these information sheets.

Take a look for yourself.

Joyce Webster


Thanks Mr PremierA massive thank you to New South Wales Deputy Premier Troy Grant for making the tough decision to end greyhound racing. (I had to make a very tough decision,15/8)

Even if we ignore live baiting, greyhound racing is still a cruel industry.

I personally witnessed this when I was employed to do some work in the back yard of a greyhound owner. In the corner of a gloomy, junk filled shed were several greyhounds in small cages.

When I approached them they joyfully tried to lick my hand.

I asked their owner when they came out for a run and was told at breakfast time and three

o’clock. At three o’clock the muzzled greyhounds were led to a narrow run where they relieved themselves – then three minutes later they were returned to their gloomy prison.

It was heartbreaking to witness.

No dog deserves this miserable life for nothing but profit.

Jenny Moxham

Monbulk, VIC

A quiet achieverWas just wanting to let someone know that someone should be doing a story on former Werris Creek Magpies Premiership winning 2nd Rower Steven Allan.

He is in his 2nd year with Aberdeen Tigers in the Group 21 Competition who take on the might of the Scone Thoroughbreds in the Preliminary Final on Sunday 21st.

Very talented Backrower who is a quiet achiever in the Competition.

Aberdeen has made the finals the last 2 years but fell to Denman last year in the Minor Semi, Allan played a big part in that team and will again feature in the First Grade team this week.

Brad Wallace


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The Attorney-General has resistedcalls to release further details about a series of bungled prison releases.
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Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin

Vanessa Goodwin said the series of mistaken releases was “totally unacceptable” and committed to doing whatever was needed to address the issue.

Sixinmates have been accidentally released early from Risdon Prison in the last two years, with another error meaning an inmate was kept in custody several weeks after their scheduled release.

Dr Goodwin said it was inappropriate to identify individual prisoners, but said none remained at large and had not been advised of any prisoners committing criminal offences before they were returned to custody.

Two early releases involved an armed robber who was set free one year before his scheduled release, while another inmate in custody for domestic violence matters was released two weeks early.

The government has not released details about how long the other prisonerswere released before they were returned to custody, or the types of crimes they had committed.

Labor Justice spokeswoman Lara Giddings said Dr Goodwin was being “deliberately secretive” and thelack of detail was simply not good enough.

Ms Giddings said Dr Goodwin had a duty to release further detail in the interests of community safety.

“It’s important that the community can have confidence that they are safe under the government,” she said.

KPMG is conducting an audit into the mistaken releases and will provide a full report by the end of September.

The government has also created a centralised sentencing administration unit inside the prison system.

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Workshop: Parents and carers of school-aged children on the autism spectrum will have the opportunity to attend a free workshop in Dubbo. Photo: FilePositive Partnerships will be coming toDubboto run a free workshopfor families of school-aged children on theautism spectrum next month.
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The event will be held at the Dubbo RSL, on Tuesday, September 13.

Research indicates that a large group of Australians have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, a condition which can have a profound impact on the person, their family and community.

While awareness of autism is greater than ever, support for children with autism and diverse learning styles and their families is still needed.

Workshop facilitator Karen Evans said particular challenges can arise for children with autism – including behavioural, social and learning issues – which also affect their families and teachers.

Ms Evans said the workshop will providethe parents of Dubbo and surrounding towns with an opportunity to be informed about evidence-based practices without having to travel too far to access resources and information.

“A key component of the workshop is introducing the families to the Positive Partnership resources and information that are available on the website and online learning portal,” she said.

“These resources are continually updated. We hope that it just the start of them using our free resources.”

The first session of the day is a chance for parents andcarers to explore the unique nature of their own child.

They will also explore the child’s characteristics in detail to try and uncover the best ways to support them moving forward.

At the workshop parents and carers will gain a range of knowledge including,how to develop effective family and school partnerships.

They will also find out about strategies to advocate for their child, support their child’s participation at school and develop an awareness of ongoing learning needs, and much more.

“Many parents/carers attend our workshops to learn more about behaviour,” Ms Evans said.

“In the behaviour session the facilitators model a planned approach to teaching behaviours that the parent/ carer wants to see more of.

“This is achieved by exploring the purpose of the child’s behaviour that they want to stop, what happens before and after that identified behaviour.”

She said this strategy aligns with what most schools are implementing in their behaviour plan,called Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

“The parents/ carers will make a plan that is positive because we want to strengthen and increase a behaviour not punish,” Ms Evans said.

Theend of the day is dedicated to supporting a positive, sustainable and productive partnership between home and school.

“The session explores the importance of this partnership and identifies ways for parents/carers to develop a team approach to supporting their child,” she said..

“Included in the final session is how the parent/ carer is looking after themselves and what services and supports are available in the local area.”

Spaces are limited, so those interested in attending should visit 梧桐夜网positivepartnerships南京夜网419论坛

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The Australian Women in Agrculture (AWiA) Conference 2016 will occurin Canberra on September 9-11, and the conference is once again calling on rural women to take part with six scholarships available.
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This year, an exciting line up of rural leaders will reflect on their journeys, discuss different forms of leadership and how rural womencan influence decision making right up to government level.

Sarah Powell, the 2015 Rural Industries Research and Development (RIRDC) RuralWomanof the Year winner will discuss her project developing future leaders and halting the decline of rural communities through mentoring and sport.

Leadership in the boardroom and beyond will be discussed by Lucinda Corrigan and Simone Jolliffe.

Lucinda Corrigan is the director at Meat and Livestock Australia and wasWomenin Australian Agribusiness Leader in 2014 with an interest in ethical governance, transparency and accountability that enable change.

Simone Jolliffe is the deputy president of Australian Dairy Farmers and is passionate about supporting farmers at the grassroots.

Tania Chapman will discuss the importance of leadership in managing change. Tania is the Chair of Citrus Australia and the chair of The Voice of Horticulture- and sits on the newly formed ACCCAgcommittee.

Tania was awarded the 2012 RIRDC Victorian ruralwomanof the year, and a Nuffield Scholarship in 2014.

Deputy leader of the Nationals, Minister for Regional Development, Regional Communications and Local Government and TerritoriesFiona Nashwill discuss grassroots input into policy.

Finally, Professor Leslie Chenoweth AO will use her expertise in social work, regional practice and community capacity building to reflect on leadership and influencing decision making.

“Speakers have been chosen that will not just inspire but to enable conference delegates to step up and become leaders in their own businesses and communities,” AWiA conference coordinator Nerida Cullen said.

“We aim to inform about the many different ways thatwomencan influence the agricultural agenda from the dining table, to the boardroom table to the political table.”

Ffor further information contact AWiA secretary Val lang at [email protected]南京夜网419论坛or on 0407 054 823.

For more information on the conference, go toawia.org419论坛/2016-awia-conference, or follow AWiA’s social media at facebook南京夜网/AustWomenInAg

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Battle for Berrima president Ken Wilson presents the petition to the Member for Goulburn Pru Goward which will be debated in state parliament next week. Photo by Lauren StrodeA COALmine in the Southern Highlands will be under the state spotlight next week.
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Earlier this monththe Highlands action group Battle for Berrima presented the Member for Goulburn Pru Goward with a petition opposing the Hume Coal Project.

The petition contained more than 16,000 signatures and will be debated in state parliament on August 25.

But Hume Coal project director Greig Duncan said it was disappointing that Ms Goward and members of the community had chosen to “ignore” the assessment process.

Battle for Berrima president Ken Wilson said this was a “great victory for democracy”.

“More than 16,000 people have said to their elected representatives that this proposed coal mine by Korean owned Hume Coal is too risky to place in the water supply of the Southern Highlands and Sydney,” he said.

“Battle for Berrima is very pleased that the local member Pru Goward has supported our call for a full parliamentary debate on this critical issue.”

However Mr Duncan said the petition showed a “blatant disregard” for the people who relied on the mining industry as a career.

“The state government has a rigorous process in place for the assessment of mining applications. It’s very disappointing in a time when there’s a shortage of jobs that the Member for Goulburn and others have decided instead to pander to small, vocal minority groups,” he said.

“Hume Coal wants a fair go, with decisions based on fact instead of emotion, rumour and hearsay.”

The debate will take place at 4.30pm on August 25 and Mr Wilson said members of the Highlands community would attend en masse in a further demonstration of their opposition to the mine.

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SINGING STARS: Wooranna Park Primary School Regional Children’s Chorus in Opera Australia’s The Marriage of Figaro. Picture: Albert Comper
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As part of the 2016 national tour, Riverside Theatres will present Opera Australia’s brand new production of Mozart’sThe Marriage of Figaro.

The much-loved opera retells the hilarious account of one household’s adventures over a single day of madness.Masters are lusting over their servants, servants are outwitting their masters, and there are plenty of dress-ups, all in aday’s work.

Award-winning creative duo Michael Gow and Robert Kemp have created this brand new production, featuring stunning period costumes and a clever set.

“When you add fantastic music by Mozart, some incredible singing, a small orchestra that’s producing the most amazingsounds for that number of people and have something that’s actually good to look at, I think it’s like an explosion,”saidKemp.

Lyndon Terracini,Opera Australia’s artistic director is on a mission to make people fall in love with opera, andbelieves it’s vital to reinvent productions regularly to make them contemporary.

“The Marriage of Figaro is a great opera to tour.Gow and Kemp are masters of storytelling,and theyhave created a version of The Marriage of Figaro that will be unforgettable,”said Terracini.

Details: August 19 to 20 at 7:30pm.Riverside Theatres, Corner of Church and Market Streets, Parramatta.

Tickets: Adult $59;Concession $54;30 and under $45.

To book: Call the Box Office on 8839 3399 or visit riversideparramatta南京夜网419论坛.

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