William Kamm has over the years caused untold grief to those who have fallen victim to his twisted, psuedo-religious charisma. He wasfound guilty of having sex with a child and, as such, deserves to be bound to restrictions on his movements.

Like many cult leaders, the Little Pebble –as Kamm liked to be known –was manipulative and predatory, choosing as victims vulnerable people who were swayed by his religious rantings. When he sucked children into his warped version of a chosen people, his chosen brides, he stepped over a line from which there should be no return.

Kamm is appealing the 40-odd conditions imposed on his release. This has alarmed the authorities.

Hearing the appeal in the Supreme Court last week Justice Robert Hulme heardKamm had a history of sexual deviance that made it likely he would re-offend.

Kamm had a narcissistic personality disorder and that he was able to exert influence over vulnerable people.

The court was read documents where Kamm had stated: “Women had great respect for me. Women stood in awe of me. Women were always attracted to me, like a magnet.”

Kamm wants to return to the dusty, somewhatcreepy compound he ran in Tapitallee. It is a prospect the state does not relish, which is why among the restrictions imposed on the child rapist there is a ban on him returning to the Shoalhaven.

The compound nowwears a patina of neglect and great sadness. Abandoned children’s play equipment rusts by the now empty school that incredibly once attracted federal funding.

We accept Kamm has served his time but his sentence is nothing compared to the lifetime of anguish suffered by his victims. We accept he has the legal right to appeal but do not think he has a moral right to unfettered freedom of movement.

Throughout Kamm’s time in jail, remorse or even recognition of his guilt has not been evident.

There is every reason to fear that his return to Shoalhaven or unsupervised contact with children risksfurther crimes being committed.

Kamm’s notoreity will follow him to his grave. Society expects he will make his journey to that final resting place without adding more victims to his list.

The Shoalhaven community does not want him back.

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