Garry Thomas Smith, of Meander, says the majority of Meander residents raise funds for the local hall as well as other community groups.Community dividedTHERE has been so much ado about the division of the Meander residents over the the proposed use of the Meander School site.

Well I can tell you the division has been here long before the closing of the school I have lived in Meander for more than 40 years, back when everyone got on well with each other and you were always there to assist anyone anytime.

The majority of Meander residents still do this and raise funds for the local hall – country fire service the local church, the progress association and indoor bowls club.

We also raise funds for families who have fallen on hard times, plus we raise funds for sportspeople.

One only has to come to the working bees and the fundraisers to see who the genuine honest hard working people are and where the division lies.

The decision has been made by the Meander Valley Council to let Teen Challenge take over the school site so lets accept this decision and move on.

Garry Thomas Smith, Meander.Acquired brain injuryTHE second week in August each year has been set aside to draw attention to the repercussions, due to even, a slight hit to one’s head.

Your brain is anchored by prefrontal lobes, which keep the brain secured in a solution of cooling liquid.

I can only speak regarding my own experience.

Riding to work at Our Lady of Mercy College on September 24,1946, I collided with a heavily built car (as they were in those days).This crash happened right outside David Elmer’s place.

David was a small boy of about seven or eight years of age.

I’m sure he still remembers me laying on the side of the road being assessed by doctors and Catholic priest.I was given the last rites of the church as Father Murphy was told I would not survive.

I knew nothing about all of this as I was subjected to a very heavy, part brain injury and suffered a 10 day coma.I was told my right eye was out of the socket sitting on my cheek.

This smash to my brain caused not only the coma and smashed pelvis but the beginning of a terrible disgraceful behaviour, pain and imprisonment.

After 40 years or so I found a group of people who were able to help me.

The Acquired Brain Injury Association of Tasmania came to my aid.

Also a professional psychologist helped me greatly.

Now for the last 20 odd years I have thankfully been able to control all my bad behaviour.

So please look after that head of yours.I must also inform the readers too much alcohol can also do damage to one’s behavior.

People with a brain injury should not drink alcohol or very little.I pray you will protect your head by driving and riding safely at all times.

Chas J. Canden, Westbury.Job providersTHERE is no need for job active providers.We did OK for thousands of years without them.

If we increase taxes so that everybody receives what unemployed people get.

Australians can go in and out of temporary jobs without having to contact Centrelink.

Leon Cooper, St Leonards.Xenophon politicsWHEN Nick Xenophon entered politics I thought he might bring some level thinking.

Now I wonder what “look at me policy” he is coming up with next.

He is fast becoming a look at me politician to gain notoriety and public recognition instead of looking after Australia.

He has lost me.

Steve Rogers, South Launceston.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.