A big thanksMany thanks to Dr Lewis, Dr Rutherford, Base hospital, Tamwell, Home Care nurses –after recent surgery.
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Allan Newling


From a concerned young resident I am writing as a concerned residentabout the state of the city of Tamworth’s air pollution and how this quickly growing city can maintain healthy air.

Everyone knows the air we breath affects our health, wellbeing and our life expectancy.

Good air quality is critical for supporting our environment and maintaining our way of life.

The air pollution in our greatcity of Tamworth is deteriorating through the growing use of motor vehicles, household lawn mowers, wood fire barbecues and wood fire heaters.

Air pollution causes health, environmental and economic problems throughout the world and Tamworth is not immune form this growing world-wide issue.

Tamworth is a city with unlimited opportunities for development, a growing population and a large number of industrial businesses operations.

It is therefore crucial that our local council address this as an urgent and immediate issue.

Firstly, motor vehicle emissions. In a 2006 Melbourne study, vehicle emissions contributed; 72 per cent of CO-2 emissions, 70 per cent of nitrogen oxides and 28 per cent of volatile organic compounds emissions.

Chemicals in vehicle exhausts cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and harm asthmatics.

Solutions may include minimum standards for clean vehicles ensuring that all vehicles run cleanly, are serviced regularly and tyres inflated properly –reducing exhaust emissions, increasing fuel efficiency and saving money.

Secondly, households release harmful airborne pollutants with lawn mowers the major felon.

Poorly serviced and over revved mowers spew toxins all over Tamworth’s Sunday brunches.

Again regular servicing goes a long way to solve this issue.

Thirdly, wood fires and the Aussie BBQ.

As a community let’s all make move tonatural gas and LPG gas heating and reverse cycle air conditioners as a more efficient ad cost effective alternative producing less smoke and emission less greenhouse gas per unit of heat.

If you must use your wood for your heating needs then ensure wood is stacked, dry, ventilated, seasoned and untreated.

Never burn treated or painted timbers or household rubbish.

Start fires with kindling or firelighters.

Wood heaters need to display compliance with Australian Standard for pollution emissions.

Finally recycle, compost, and plantmore trees ad shrubs to absorb and filter air pollutants.Remember think global, act local.

Charlie Shadwell


Council politicsThe Candidate Information Sheets for all candidates in the forthcoming local government elections are available athttp://candidates.elections.nsw.gov419论坛/

In Section 1 (which is compulsory) candidates are required to state their “Membership of any registered political party and the name of that party”.

In Section 2 (which is optional) candidates may state if they have been nominated by any registered political party.

Of course other information is included on these information sheets.

Take a look for yourself.

Joyce Webster


Thanks Mr PremierA massive thank you to New South Wales Deputy Premier Troy Grant for making the tough decision to end greyhound racing. (I had to make a very tough decision,15/8)

Even if we ignore live baiting, greyhound racing is still a cruel industry.

I personally witnessed this when I was employed to do some work in the back yard of a greyhound owner. In the corner of a gloomy, junk filled shed were several greyhounds in small cages.

When I approached them they joyfully tried to lick my hand.

I asked their owner when they came out for a run and was told at breakfast time and three

o’clock. At three o’clock the muzzled greyhounds were led to a narrow run where they relieved themselves – then three minutes later they were returned to their gloomy prison.

It was heartbreaking to witness.

No dog deserves this miserable life for nothing but profit.

Jenny Moxham

Monbulk, VIC

A quiet achieverWas just wanting to let someone know that someone should be doing a story on former Werris Creek Magpies Premiership winning 2nd Rower Steven Allan.

He is in his 2nd year with Aberdeen Tigers in the Group 21 Competition who take on the might of the Scone Thoroughbreds in the Preliminary Final on Sunday 21st.

Very talented Backrower who is a quiet achiever in the Competition.

Aberdeen has made the finals the last 2 years but fell to Denman last year in the Minor Semi, Allan played a big part in that team and will again feature in the First Grade team this week.

Brad Wallace


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