TRANQUIL: A reader has pitched some new names for Fishing Point which he reckons better reflect the reality of the neighbourhood. Picture: Fairfax MediaGoing barking madAN open letter to the residents of Fishing Point:

I would like to suggest that we rename our beautiful suburb, Barking Point, and our wonderful Secret Bay, Kennel Bay, in honor of our noisy four-legged friends.

Come on, everybody, this is a neighborhood and it should be a peacefuland tranquil place to live,not a barking dog pound.

– Phillip Harris, Fishing Point

Greens missed the boatTHE Greens’ late application for the Lake Macquarie City Council election simply shows they never bothered to read the supplementary regulations, and missed the boat.

I would call it poetic justice because failing this simple task shows they would never be up to the job, and should remain as dreamers lost in their own little world.

– Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

Greens a comedy sketchI JUST couldn’t believe it when I saw that all Greens candidates have been disqualified from standing in the forthcoming elections in Lake Macquarie due to a monumental blunder by the party on nomination procedure.

It was like a Monty Python sketch.

Something as simple as the method of payment of the nomination fee has torpedoed a whole team from standing. Someone should have known that the fees could not have been paid by a plastic card but by cash or cheque.

And it just shows that political parties should stay right out of local government.

Voters in Lake Macquarie willhave the choice ofthe two old and tired major parties, Liberal and Labor, two formal independent groupings, which may as well be parties, and a number of real single independents not aligned to any group.

Voters should back the real independents and avoid the major parties and the formal independent groupings.

-Chris Osborne,Marks Point

Yearning for sane societyIN the old days of sane societies, attacking fellow citizens who protect and defend their country against the enemy used to be considered punishable acts of treason. But not any more.Traitors have now acquired hero status.

– S. Moss,Hamlyn Terrace

Bats stink up the townI AGREE with comments about the problems caused by the flying foxes at Toronto. The bats have a stink that can be smelt all through the town.

– John Anderson, Blackalls Park

Profit is state agendaWHENare we in NSW going toelect a state government that will represent the people of NSW? Power prices to escalate to suit the overseas investors, health services that continue to deteriorate and experienced staff leaving the industry, manufacturing contracts given to overseas countries with less wages and nohealth and safety conditions. Is profit our only agenda? What future do our kids have?

– Gerry Mohan,Shoal Bay

What about other breeds?IN regard of the banning of greyhounds(I have nointerestin racing dogs or horses) – I was wondering whathappens to all the other breeds of dogs puppies?

– Colin Atkins,Wyong

Humans are dog servantsHUMANrelationships with pets has me amused. Sunday in the park opposite my home I watch people happily picking up freshly deposited poo from their beloved furchild. No other species on earth does this except the dung beetle. The obvious conclusion is that dogs must be the superior species on earth.

– Steve Barnett,Fingal Bay

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