The freedom of speech debate has again been reignited after a senator’s complaint to the Human Rights Commission this week that he had been publicly abused by a columnist as being an ‘angry white male’.

His complaint comes under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act that makes it illegal to call people names that are likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate them.

So unless the section is repealed, have second thoughts about calling your mate a dickhead or you could end up in trouble.

However, although it can be a derogatory term, Dickheads were a brand of matches sold by businessman Dick Smith with the name a pun on the overseas-owned Redheads matches.

The box read: “We would have to be complete dickheads to let most of our famous Australian brands be taken over by foreign companies…”

How does that stand with 18C?

CARS TAKE A BACK SEAT: Soon it will be ‘find the car’ in Orange as Toyota Hilux, Ford Rangers and Mazda BT50s grow in popularity.

And what about our cricket team? So-called sledging, continually insulting opposition batsmen to put them off their game, is the Aussies’ favourite weapon and they don’t hold back on their name-calling like telling Sri Lankan batsman Dinesh Chandimal he’s “fat and hopeless…”

Anarchic Premier Mike Baird’s mob also have their share of nannies with a ministry code of conduct resulting in health workers on the north coast being banned from calling colleagues or patients mate, darling, sweetheart or honey.

The Northern NSW Local Health District told workers these terms may be perceived as disrespectful, disempowering and non-professional. What’s that about freedom of speech?

You wonder whether the boring pollies, fat cats and PC ratbags who came up with Section 18C ever go to the pub with real people where the attendant might call them ‘darl’.

You are what you drive!There’s a saying ‘you are what you drive’ and looking around Orange it’s pretty true.

You don’t see many tradies driving Ferraris. But look outside Orange pubs late in the afternoon and what do you see? Toyota Hilux, Ford Rangers and Mazda BT50s,full of toolboxes and ladders and pipes because they’re theobvious choice of tradies.

Outside schools in the morningsthere’re dozens of those SUV things as mums drop off their kids. Cars? Well, they’re on the way out?

Orange motor dealers in the first three months of this year sold 789 new vehicles and 388 of them were SUVs and tradies’ utes.

New cars totalled only 270 so the battle is being lost by we normal people who simply own an average car that’s a true reflection of ourselves and not some sort of 4WDstatus symbol and fuel guzzler.

Guilt lanes oftemptation. It’s a wonder the health police haven’t complained about the promotion of ‘junk’ food in the so-called guilt lanes in Orange supermarkets where chocolates and sweets are prominently displayed next to the checkouts.

They’re deliberately put there to tempt you. The mouthwatering displays also tempt parents to buy snacks they normally wouldn’t, adding a hefty dose of sugar to their diet.

Retailers recognise that most confectionery buys are made on impulse so they placed it exactly where that impulse is triggered. It certainly works. A Turkish Delight anyone?

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