Coast linesSome early frost and fog will clear away, leaving us with another beautiful spring-like day beachside.The wind will be north tonorth-east.The swell is from the east around half to one metre.The morning waves will be nice and clean, but they will be bumpy in the afternoon.In the city, try the reef breaks at Nobbys, the Cowrie Hole, Newcastle, the Bar to Merewether stretch, Dudley and Redhead.Down south try Hams, North Catho, Frazer Park and Soldiers.At Port Stephens try Samurai and Birubi.All beaches are great for a swim. The water temperature is 17 degrees.

– Roger Clements

Hunter boatingWinds:North to north-westerly 10 to 15 knots, tending west to north-westerly in the morning then turning northerly. Seas:1 to 1.5 metres. Swell:Less than 1 metre.

Newcastle shippingDepartures

Yesterday: Dyna Crane 12.15am, Energy Glory 3am, Chenan 6.24am, Wincanton 9.50am, Corona Optimum 11.25am, Tenryu Maru 2.30pm, Corona Dynamic 7.15pm, High Venture 7.45pm, Szechuen 8.15pm, Cemtex Hunter 9.45pm, Formosabulk Clement 10.15pm. Today:GH Fortune 12.30am, Nichirin 7am, Shandong Hai Xing 10.15am, Erna Oldendorff 1.15pm, Pan Bona 1.45pm, Tatsuki Maru 3.45pm, Taiyo 6.30pm, Reihou 7.30pm.


Yesterday: Legato II 12.48pm, Challenge Prelude 1pm, Taipower Prosperity I 3.35pm, Cape Australia 5.30pm, Milos Warrior 5.45pm. Today: Asphalt Carrier 2am, Energy Glory 4.15am, Corona Optimum 4.30am, Dyna Crane 6am, Tenryu Maru 8.30am, Corona Dynamic 12pm, Albertito 12pm, High Venture 2.15pm, Wincanton 2.45pm, GH Fortune 5pm.

_____________________Air qualityWallsend Good