Centrals cruise past Roopena | PHOTOS Centrals with possession of the footy. in defence.

Miller going for the set shot on goal on a difficult angle.

Roopena player looking to kick a drop punt.

Centrals being under pressure in Roopena’s forward line.

Centrals player looking for an option.

Centrals player going after the ball.

Roopena player about to receive a hard earned ball under pressure.

Centrals player going down the wing.

Peel (for Roopena) going for a tackle.

Centrals player going for an uncontested mark.

Turner going for a kick to the corridor in Centrals forward half.

Play is locked as umpire is preparing to blow his whistle for a ball up.

Stoppage is cancelled as play ensues between two sides that is battling for possession.

Centrals setting up a play that will result in a score with G. Vlachoulis receiving possession.

A tough ruck contest caused from a stoppage.

Centrals player looking to take a long kick down the field.

Centrals again with the possession as one of their players kick it down to their forward wing.

Ruck contest that is won by Centrals.

A dominant tap from the ruck of Dejonge from Central.

Centrals player goes for a kick down their forward 50.

Central players earning contested possession as he looks to hand it off to a player of the same strip.

Roopena player closest to the ball as Central players close in on him.

A race for the ball between Schilling for Roopena and Ernesti for Centrals.

Centrals player going for the shot from the forward pocket.

Burgoyne looking to set up a scoring opportunity for Roopena.

A hard contest for the ball between the two sides is being made down the wing.

Seeley trying to break off a tackle from a Centrals midfielder.

Free kick is blown in favour of Burgoyne against Dejonge from Central.

Burgoyne with possession from the free kick in the forward half.

Field umpire goes to the goal umpire to confirm a Centrals goal.

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