Many people hard of hearing say that in conversations it sounds like people aremumbling and won’t speak up but what are the characteristics of clear speech?
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Speaking with someone with hearing loss does not require a major adjustment, justa few minor changes to how you speak.

Speaking slightlyslower, with moreprecise pronunciation, a little more volume and – most importantly –frequent pausesbetween phrases will improve the communication experience.

These pauses allow the listener to process what has been spokenbefore moreis said. They do not have to be overly long but by using pauses it also brings clarity tothe speech patterns, hence helping improve the hearing of what is said in theconversation.

This is especially true in noisy situations.

So if you are hard of hearing, how can you help your loved ones learn to speak moreclearly?

Simply ask them to do five things when communicating with you:

Face youSlow down a bitSpeak a tiny bit louderSay things as clearly as possible without exaggerating mouth movementsPause at the end of phrases.You may find that most family and friends will be able to produce clear speechbecause it not only helps you but benefits them.

They won’t have to repeat things asoften.

But be forewarned; most people will probably only be able speak clearly for a fewminutes before they fall back into old ways.

It may help to work out a reminder system with your frequent communicationpartners.

You could agree, for example, to have a sign such as tapping your chin that is areminder to “slow down” or “speak more clearly”.

If you have grandchildren, you could even make it a game of sorts with a secret codejust for them to speak slower or clearer. Get them to practise their “Show and Tell”voice with you.

It is bound to be fun for them and a big help to you.

Here is a little poem you may want to send to your closest family and friends:

If you were to say it slowly and clear,

I’d understand you much better, my dear

If you speak louder and take time to pause,

I will shower you with my applause.

Thank you for using your best clear voice with me.

Hearing loss can resultfrom a number of differentcauses, many of which arepreventable.

However, loud noiseis the most commoncause of hearingdamage.

You can improve yourhearing health by makingsure youavoid loud noise;remove the source of noise;remove yourself from thenoise; or reduce the volume.

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THERE was something familiar about Ashmont man Papa Morris to the Wagga police officers who approached his car in Mortimer Place about 2am on May 22.
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They quickly realised he was the man who had been charged less than an hour before with driving with a blood-alcohol reading of .212 – more than four times the legal limit –onFitzhardinge Street.

The Guinea national and now Australian resident, driving with a licence issued in his homeland, had his driving privileges withdrawn by police after this first arrest.

Despite being warned not to drive after being charged, the 23-year-old cleaner got behind the steering wheel again.

He soon came to police attentionfor speeding on Dobney Avenue –his unregistered Volkswagen Jetta clocked at 77 kilometres an hour in a 50km/h zone.

According to police facts tendered to Wagga Local Court, Morris turned left off Dobney Avenue into Chaston Street and then quickly into the dead end Mortimer Place.

“He was immediately recognised by the police as having been released from custody at Wagga police station at 1.30am,” the facts said

This time, Morrisblew .182, still more than three times the legal limit of .05, and was judged by police to be moderately affected by alcohol.

“I am so sorry,” Morris told police.

But Morriswas not so sorry that he stopped thumbing his nose at the law.

Less than three weeks later, on June 10, police saw Morris’car weaving on Colin Knott Drive near the Gobba Bridge about 12.10am.

After being stopped, Morrisreturned a low range reading of .065.

Morris on Monday was fined $1000, disqualified from driving for 18 months and placed on a two-year good behaviour bond for his first high range drink-driving offence.

He was given an eight-month intensive correction order, which includes 256 hours of community service and an alcohol ban, and disqualified from driving for three years for the second high range offence.

And he was fined another $1000 and disqualified from driving for six months for the third, low range, drink-driving offence.

Morris was fined $1274 on two counts of driving an unregistered vehicle.

He was convicted but given no further penalty for exceeding the speed limit by more than 20km/h and two counts of driving after his visiting privileges had been withdrawn.

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OPPORTUNITY: Susanna Royal attends one of the popular JuMP classes and has been enjoying learning more about the cello.
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Are there children in the Shoalhaven wanting to add another string to theirbow?

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra (SYO) has being busy over the last three yearsdeveloping not only the orchestra and junior string group, Shoalhaven Junior Strings, but other classes for children as well.

In 2013 planning began on a music education program for children from 2 to 7 yearscalled Tuning In.

The program was taken up with great enthusiasm by local familiesand has been expanded further in 2016 to include a class called JuMP, the JuniorMusicians Program.

JuMP is a one-year program of classes for primary schoolchildren from Year 2 to experience a range of ten different musical instruments todetermine which instrument they are most suited to taking up.

These classes havebeen taken up with great enthusiasm and will continue to be offered in 2017.

SYO is now keen to offer group string classes for children who would like to learn theviolin or cello.

In Term 4 they will be running a pilot class for children from Year 3 to5 with no previous musical training.

The pilot will consist ofnine group lessonswith six places available in the class.

The cost of the classes will include instrumenthire and music.

Two experienced and accomplished music teachers will teach in theprogram: Jo Landstra, a primary music teacher who is also a fine violinist and violistand Jenny Cork, a music teacher with extensive experience in running beginner stringprograms.

So if you have a child who has been pestering you to learn the violin or cello, but theidea of purchasing an instrument and committing to long-term music lessons with theprospect of your child discovering it isn’t for them, this might be the solution.

Thisclass will provide a great tasterof string playing in a relaxed and engaging setting,at a very reasonable cost.

If you are interested in knowing more about these classesplease contact SYO by email [email protected]南京夜网 [email protected]南京夜网.

The SYO was established in 2000 as an orchestra of youngstring and woodwind players.

Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra rehearses on Tuesdays during school terms at Nowra School of Arts from 4.45-6.30 pm.

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Signage at Alexandra Hills warning off bike riders is regularly ignored.
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A COUNCIL and police blitz on unlawful motorcycle use will start soon, with fines to $6000.

Police and council officers will target areas likethe Bayside Conservation Area, Redland Track Park, Scribbly Gums Conservation Reserve off Vienna Roadand the Greater Glider conservation management area, Capalaba.

Unregistered trail bikes,mini-bikes and even converted lawn mowers are regularly ridden in conservation reserves and onstreets surrounding Hilliards State School, Alexandra Hills, including Hanover Drive,Nanette Court, McDonald Road and Fisher Street.

Fines for unlawful use of motorcycles in reserves can range up to a maximum of $6095 if prosecuted or $609for an infringement notice

Mayor Karen Williams said motorbikes were a potential hazard to riders and other users of trails including walkers, runners and cyclists.

She said mountain bike riders had been attracted in increasing numbers toRedlands conservation areas and the crack down on illegal activities would be city wide.

The use of motorcycles and quadswas unlawful and clearly signed in conservation areas.

“The fact that a number of trail bike users are entering the conservation areas through more remote access points or damaging fencing to gain access means they clearly understand this,’’ she said.

“The acronym MTB (mountain bikes) signed in our track parks and conservation areas applies to non-motorised mountain bicycles (a legitimate activity in council reserves) and not motorised bikes.

“Motorised trail bike use in conservation areas is damaging towildlife and plants insensitive environmental areas and is potentially dangerous to other legitimate users.

“Motorbikescan cause severe erosion,including damage to carefully designed trails that have taken years of efforts to establish and maintain.’’

Cr Williams said council appreciatedthat motorised trail bike riding was a popular pursuit and a skilled sport.

“It is for this reason that council has co-invested in regional trail bike facilities established on 745hectares of land at Wyaralong, about 25 kilometers west of Beaudesert,’’ she said.

“Councillors and users recently helped celebrate the opening of new trail head facilities at the Redland Track Park in Cleveland.

“These trails are important community and conservation resources that help attract key events and visitors to the city.Council …asks that all users respect these areas.”

Council and police launch crack down on illegal trail bike riders.

For cycles, not trail bikes.

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In battle: Key stakeholders in the live cattle trade at the Roma Saleyards have expressed great dissatisfaction over certain aspects within the recently introduced buyer fee.A move from the Maranoa Regional Councilto introduce a buyer fee at the Roma Saleyards has been met with stiff opposition from various stakeholders in the livestock trading scene.
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Maranoa Regional Council Roma Saleyards chairperson Peter Flynn said the fee, introduced on July 1,addressed unsatisfactory revenue and return figures from the saleyards.

“Last year the Roma Saleyards turned over 335,000 head which was by far the highest number in Australia,grossing$308 million.Our gross return on that was less thanone per cent so we had tothink of how we could increase revenue to the Maranoa Regional Council from the saleyards,” he said.

“We had a recommendation from the saleyards advisory committee in May that we introduce a post sale handling fee of $1 per beast plus GST that was unanimously agreed on by the committee.

“The only difference waswhen we looked at a projection for 2016-2017 and noticed plant numbers were expected to drop from 335,000 to 260,000 we increased the fee to $1.40 per beast plus GST.”

Cr Flynn said the saleyards advisory committee consistedof representatives for vendors, buyers, livestock agents, police, workplace health and safetyand council itself and livestock agents in particular offered robust debateagainst the price rise.

“We were a new council and fees and charges had to be adopted in June before the budget so there wasn’t a lot of time to go back to stakeholders and discuss it,” he said.

“In saying that, the agents have been quite vocal not about the fee itself but the fact we expect them to charge it.

“We’ve given them a three month moratorium where the Maranoa Regional Council is issuing the charges until October 1.”

Cr Flynn said if council reviews proved the process was “tracking well,” come October 1 the Roma Saleyards would move to invoice the appropriate selling agent who would then be responsible for collecting the fee.

When queried, Cr Flynn said there was so far no evidence of any negative impact to sale results.

“We turned over $32 million at the saleyards last month and we’ve seen records broken at recent store sales. In the last two weeks we’ve put through 12,000 head so we’re well and truly on track to hitour predicted numberof 260,000.”

Dissatisfaction is rife amongbuyers and livestock agentsand while theRoma Saleyards combined agents association declined to comment they confirmed they were currently seeking legal advice on the matter.

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This year’s Olympics could well be touted the “Olympics of legends”.
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We’ve seen some incredible performances in the first week of the Rio de Janeiro event –which is also the first time an Olympics has been held in South America.

The swimming meet got off with a bang thanks to SA’sown Kyle Chalmers.

“King Kyle” set the pool alight with his blistering 100-metre freestyle win, which had the whole of SA on its feet.

But how about Michael Phelps?

Has there ever been an athlete like that man?

Phelps famously announced his retirement after the 2008 Beijing Olympics –only to make a return to swimming a year later.

The US swimmer is undoubtedly the star of the pool –and Olympics –where his wins took his gold medal tally to a record 23.

He already held the record for most gold medals –nine was the previous best, held by four other athletes –and so this was merely the icing on the cake for the man whose name will surely be permanently etched into the history books.

But there have been other major moments, perhaps unlucky to share the limelight with the God-like Phelps.

American Katie Ledecky was dominant in the women’s swimming.

And what about Simone Biles, the US’ top gymnastic talent?

And who could ever forget Usain Bolt?

The speedy Jamaican virtually jogged his way through the 100-metre heats and semis, before sealing a convincing third win in the event –the only person to have ever done so.

He’s now eyeing the 200 metres –and he will most likely add that to his incredible list of achievements too.

But we can’t forget our other local talents who have put in some incredible performances.

Of course Murray Bridge’s own Murray Cod, James McRae, stroked his way to a silver medal in the men’s quad sculls.

From bronze in London to silver in Rio, can he make it gold in Tokyo?

Gawler’s Jack Bobridge and Callum Scotson have been impressive on the bike track –already securing a silver in the 4000m team pursuit.

And then there is SA’s golden girls Anna Meares, who has added to her medaltallyandJessica Trengove, who finished a credible 22ndin the women’s marathon on Sunday.

That’s just week one –imagine week two!

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ASSURED: The Health Department has reiterated there will be no job losses as a result of bed reductions at Goulburn Base Hospital. File photoTHEHealth Department has reiterated there will be no job losses as a result of bed reductions at Goulburn Base Hospital.
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The bed closures,includingtwo from the medical ward and five from the surgical ward, were announced inaleaked memo to staff from the Southern NSW Local Health District last week.

The bed closures promoted concerns from some staff it would lead to job losses orincreaseworkloads on nurses in other areas.

But on Tuesdaya Southern NSW Local Health District spokesperson said no jobs would be lost at the hospital.

“The Local Health District and the Goulburn Health Service will undertake daily monitoring of staffing requirements and there will be no job losses as a result of any bed reductions,” the spokesperson said.

“Any reduction in the number of beds in the medical and surgical wards will not impact the high level of service provided to our patients.

“Beds will reopen as required in line with patient demand and the level of patient needs. When required, additional staff will be engaged to ensure staffing levels are maintained as per the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association directives.”

“Goulburn Base Hospital works continuously to ensure a high quality of patient care. Hospital management responds on a daily basis to increases and decreases in demands for hospital beds.”

A unionmeetingis being held atthe hospital on Thursday to clarify the situation.

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SEWN UP: You can learn dressmaking skills at classes on offer in the Hills.
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SPEAKING CONTEST: Do you want an opportunity to see some great presenters in action? IBM/Cumberland Forest Toastmasters Club presents the Area M2 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest on Saturday, September 3 at the IBM Building,FA3.01 Seminar Room, 55 Coonara Avenue, West Pennant Hills. Be entertained and inspired as you watch some of this area’s best speakers represent their club. Cost is $10 which includes afternoon tea. Toastmasters develops a person’s communication and leadership skills within a fun, positive learning environment. Details: email [email protected]论坛 or phone 0402 409 996.

PASS IT ON: Volunteers with IT knowledge are needed to tutor senior citizens.

TRY IKEBANA: Create stunning floral works in the Japanese tradition. This class will introduce you to the philosophies and design concepts of Ikebana so you can develop your own technique and style. It’s on Thursdays, 12.15pm-2.15pm, at Learning in the Hills, 92 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills. Details: 9639 7918.

DAFFODIL DAY: A national day of hope, Daffodil Day is on Friday, August 26 and Hills residents are encouraged to show their support. Buying a daffodil pin, volunteer to help, donate onlineor text HOPE to 1999 8877 to donate $5/sms and dedicate a virtual daffodil to someone you know. Details:梧桐夜网daffodilday南京夜网419论坛 or call 1300 656 585.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: The Japanese art of Ikebana features elegant arrangements.

DRESSMAKING: Tutored class for beginners to advanced. Learn the operation of a sewing machine and layout, cutting, construction and finishes to making garments. Monday to Saturday classes both morning and evening at Learning in the Hills, 92 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills. Details: 9639 7918.

COMPUTER PALS: Are you reasonably literate in the daunting world of technology? Then Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills, a non-profit organisation, invites you to become a member, not only to expand your knowledge, but to share your expertise one day a week, for two or three hours. No teaching experience is necessary, and full training will be offered. The centre is in Castle Hill. Details: 9899 9131 or 梧桐夜网users.tpg南京夜网419论坛/cphills.

LEARN CROCHET: A tutored class for people who would like to learn or would like to meet others who crochet. Learn the different stitches of crochet and how to make squares, scarves and more. Every Friday, 9.30am-11.45am at Learning in the Hills, 92 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills. Details: 9639 7918.

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MEMORIES: Jeff Kenyon is an assistant at the Returned Services League’s military museum. Memories of the Vietnam War are never far away for Mr Kenyon.
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A wise observer remarked that there are two kinds of people in the world –those who have been to war and those who have not.

Jeff Kenyon, 71, fought in the Vietnam War and was on the edge of the famous Battle of Long Tan for which the 50th anniversary of victory will be commemoratedtoday.

Luck played a key role in Mr Kenyon’s war –he was called up as one of the early ones in the conscription lottery then, by chance, was not thrown into the muddy, monsoonal battle in a rubber plantation that gave the name to the yearly Vietnam Veterans’ recognition day, Long Tan.

“You carried yourrifle as your best friend,” he said, looking back on his 12-month tour of duty based in the Australian stronghold of Nui Dat in 1966-67.

He was an infantry rifleman, occasional machine-gunner, and sometime “tail-end Charlie” on patrol with 5thRoyal Australian Regiment which linked with 6RAR whose members wereambushed by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong in the plantation.

“You were scared at all times. You held it together. It could be your turn next. You just didn’t know,” Mr Kenyonsaid.

“You were always wound tight,even in camp. The camp was a barbed-wire fence and you were in enemy territory for 12 months.

“Even when you went back for a rest, you were still more or less on high alert because they could attack any time and they did.

“I consider myself lucky. The enemy was going to attack a month earlier when they was only a battalion, 5RAR, there and 6RAR came six weeks later.

“The 6RARtook all of it. If we had been needed, we would have gone there. Onthe night of Long Tan, some of our machine-gunners went out in the armoured personnel carriers to help.

“Some of us went through to the 6RAR lines to protect their area. You could hear the battle that day and night. Artillery fire was going all the time.

“At the beginning of the battle we were watching a show with Little Pattie and Col Joye and, halfway through, we all had toget back in our tents.

“Little Pattie was shipped out straight away. We went from a resting position into a war position.

“If they got through 6RAR, they would have swept right through the task force and there would have been a lot more casualties.

“The 6RAR soldiers walked into an ambush. They were patrolling and came across a couple of Cong. Shots were fired and they followed them.

“There were a lot heroics that dayby brave men. The helicopter pilots were brave. They went out when they were ordered not to in monsoonal rain. They hovered above the trees to drop ammunition to our soldiers who were almost out of bullets.

“Four or five Port Pirie men were in 5RAR. It could have been 5RAR doing the patrol instead the others–you just don’t know.

“It is the luck of the draw.”

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Last weekend the Glen Innes Magpies held a round robin tournament and got some great results.

FEND OFF: Ji Van Her Warden fends off an opponent

The JLTgirls played against Guyra on Saturday and were defeated in a very close game 8-4.The girls worked very hard in defence making Guyra work overtime. The only try scorer for the Magpies was Makaylah Doust with a very good run out wide to sneak around the Guyra defence. Club Points : 3 Chelsea-Rose Kerr, 2 Taya Speedy, 1 Mia Baker & Makaylah Doust Refs Points: 2 Taya Speedy, 1 Makaylah Doust. The Under 8s played two tough matches first against Guyra going down 20-12with Jaydah Kerr goingover the line for two tries and Jock Maxwell one. Their second match wasagainst Armidale. This match the Under 8s played well both in defence andattack scoring five tries (Emory Levy-Blair 2, Toby Frendon 2, RileyLightfoot 1).It wasgreat to see the under 8s playing fairly and as great sports persons and notletting their opponents get the better of them.Under 10’s lostboth theirgames by the same score 20/16 first one to Guyra withjust some little and simple mistakes costing the boys a win then against Armidale.The Under 12’s won 12 – 8 against Guyra and drew 20 all with Armidale.Try scorers against Guyra: Charlie Ralph (2) and Harlon McLaren.The boys fought back after a slow start to draw level with top of the table Armidale. Try scorers: Jack Grob (2), Charlie Ralph, Mitch Duddy and Harlon McLaren.The Under 14’splayed 2 games on Saturday the first against Guyra winning 12-0 and the second against Armidale winning 20-0. Try scorers against Guyra were Corey Kennedy 2, Nick Cave 1. Club Points: 3 Corey Kennedy, 2 Nick Cave, 1 Jason McAlister Refs Points:3 Corey Kennedy, 1 Connor O’Brien. In the second game against Armidale try scorers were Connor O’Brien 2, Corey Kennedy, Nash Doust, Luke Kiehne. Club Points: 3 Connor O’Brien, 2 Nick Cave, 1 Bailey DeJong Refs Points: 3 Roy Duddy, 2 Carter Goard.SLT had a great 8-4 win against the top side Armidale. Try scorers were Krystal Crossley 1 and Sarah Woolfe 1. Best palyers were Satara Speedy, Emilie Hodge, Krystal Crossley and Anna Sharman. The Under 16’s Glen Innes came out firing from the start. In a great defensive effort Glen kept Armidale scoreless winning 4 trys to nill. Points went to Lachlan Chard 3, Alex Fisher 2, and Ji Van Her Warden 1.

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Launceston Tornadoes coach Reece Potter watches on as his team takes on Nunawading in Launceston on Saturday night.Launceston Tornadoes coach Reece Potter concedestheconference system will rob the best two teams from a potential dream SEABLchampionship game.
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Geography has conspired Launceston towardsa tough start to its finals campaign against south conference leaders Kilsyth in Melbourne.

The conference semi-final on Saturday could be one of two occasions the most dominant women’sclubs clash within a fortnight–but it won’t happen in this year’sSEABL decider a week later.

“We’d like the two best teams play each other in the (championship) grand final, but unfortunately it’s just howthe way the system works,” Potter said.

“We’ve always hadconferences.In the end, it’s the hand you’re dealt that year.

“We’ve been dealt a really tough hand against a side, who has been the dominant side of the past few years and with their record this year, even more so.”

The Tornadoes surpassed their best regular season, the 18-4 win/loss record the club’s greatest in its 23rd year.

Kilsyth superseded their south conference rivals on top to record just two losses.

But Dandenong andNunawading –who won 14 of 22 games –are on courseto earn a spot for the east conference in the championship game.

“If you look at the win-loss column at the moment, our conference is certainly the stronger one,” Potter said.

“Kilsyth has been the best team all year;I think they arecertainly the benchmark and we’re not that far off it.

“I think if we can get out of our conference and win our conference, it’ll be a massive achievement and we’re in a spot where we can potentially win the title, but we’re still a long way from that.

“To get out of our conference, we require two wins.”

Confidence can be found from a84-69 Torns’winover Nunawading four days ago.

ButPotter is looking formotivation to the mix with reminders of Kilsyth’s 75-62 win in last year’s conference preliminary final still fresh.

“They’ve only lost two games all year –lucky for us one was against us,” he said.

“That fills us with confidence that we can go there and potentially beat them to gain a home conference.

“Wehave a clear game plan we’reready to do to plan fora conference home final.”

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Organiser Tim Chalker demonstrates his ability with the shears. Chalker is expecting more than 80 competitors at the Cowra Quick Shear.Cowra will host the richest quick shear in NSW on Saturday August, 27 whena mammoth $11,000 prizemoney goesup for grabs at thehighly anticipated event.
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Eighty to 100 shearers are set to compete including more than 10 locals, shearers from interstate, and some stateand world champions.

Learners, Intermediates, Seniors and Open categories will be contested with the main winner’s purse of $2,500 going to the Open victor.

The Cowra Quick Shear is scheduled on the same weekend asthe first ever Wool Harvesting Expo, held in Canowindra from August 25-28.

Local shearer Tim Chalker is the chief organiser of the Cowra Quick Shear, and says spectators will see a high calibre of shearers on display.

“It coincides with the Expo in Canowindra. Shearers selected for NSW are having a meeting in Canowindra the next morning so they areall going to be here, including state champion Daniel McIntyre,”Tim Chalker said.

“It’s becoming a busy time for shearers it should spark some interest.”

Competitors won’t only be judged on the speed they knock wool off a sheep, they also need to be wary of the quality of the shear.

Each category will stage heats before respective finals–two red lights means you’re disqualified, with officials closely watching.

Chalker encouraged the community to come and have a look, and he thanked the countless local businesses that have jumped on board and sponsored the event.

Tim Chalker and Kyle Smith are a part of a local team from Cowra that will compete at the Aussie Hotel for the Cowra Quick Shear.

The shearing is set to begin 5.30pm.

Nominations are capped andopen until August 24.

First to 4thplacegetters receive prizes.

Calcutta for the main shear with funds going to Cowra Special Needs Services.

Meanwhile organisers ofthe Canowindra Wool Expo arealso in deeppreparations.

Local shearer Mike Pora said in an interview with the Cowra Guardian last month that it’s a great achievement for the local area to host the event at Canowindra.

“It’s a world first,all the major manufacturers will display gear at the one timeinthe one place,” Pora said.

“People from around Australia are talking about coming to Canowindra for a couple of days. Representatives, manufacturers, importers can all come together for the first time and talk about products.”

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OFF THE HOOK: Kirra Jade Young has had a conviction for drug driving set aside and been placed on a good behaviour bond. A STUDENT who took ecstasy at a dance festival and was caught drug driving the following day has successfully appealed her conviction.
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Williamstown woman Kirra Jade Young, 19, travelled to Strawberry Fields near Tocumwal last November.

The festival is regularly targeted by police from both sides of the border with sniffer dogs, roadside drug tests and car searches.

Young took ecstasy about 11am on November 21.

She took a drug test using a kit by Blow Me First the following day, which showed there were no drugs in her saliva.

As a result, the teenager became the designated driver for her group.

Police drugtested Young a short distance from the festival site as she drove to Greenways Holiday Units in Cobram Street about 3pm.

She tested positive for methamphetamine and admitted she had taken ecstasy.

Young was convicted in a local court in May and given a three-month driving disqualification, with conviction, which she appealed in Albury District Court on Monday.

The student told the court she wanted to move to the Polynesian island of Wallis once she had finished her studies to teach English.

To do that, she needs a visa, which she would struggle to get with the criminal record.

Young reconnected with her father on Wallis island about a decade ago and has family members she once never knew about who live there.

She also plans to be a primary school teacher in Victoriaand would have to passa criminal record check.

Young told the court she had believed there was a chance the drugs could have still been in her system.

She said she regretted her actions and realised what an impact they could have on her future.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise (for) my decisions that have led me here,” she said.

Young has undergone several drug tests since the incident and would undertake a drug driving course if she was eligible.

Judge Clive Jeffreys saidshe had otherwisebeen of good character.

He noted she had undergone the Blow Me First test, which showed no drugs in her system, before choosing to drive.

Mr Jeffreys set aside the original penalty and placed Young on a 12-month good behaviourbond without conviction.

She must not lose three or more demerit points from her licence as part of the bond.

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